Best Practices for Healthcare Provider CIOs to Select the Right Patient Data Interoperability Platform

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Best Practices for Healthcare Provider CIOs to Select the Right Patient Data Interoperability Platform

Can you trust what your data is telling you?

Verinovum empowers Payers, Providers, and Health Information Exchanges to take control of siloed data and deliver timely, trusted and more actionable insights.

We’ve been in your shoes.
Health data comes with unique challenges, and decades of combined industry experience have given us crystal clear insight into the real problems you face using siloed data sets.

Our team spent years intent on generating meaningful and trustworthy insights on behalf of national Payers and Providers.  During that time, we discovered Health IT solutions in the market could not deliver on our goals, lacking flexibility, transparency, and fidelity. We asked ourselves, “How can we make confident decisions if we can’t trust the data driving them?”

We set out and built a better way.
Meaningful Use certification can solve all of the industry's woes, right?
The problem with "standardized"
Healthcare is not standardized. Your data and insights are not either.
Clinical and claims data use cases are constantly evolving with the industry, however healthcare leaders continue to rely on antiquated data aggregation techniques which have failed in the past.

Making critical business and patient care decisions with incomplete, non-standardized data sets leads to inflated operational costs, duplicative efforts and poor experience at the point of care.
a real world example
Trusted Analysis Every Time
EHRs simply don’t export identical data sets, even if they are of the same vendor and version. In one region striving for cross-community quality measurement, there were 54 different ways of reporting diabetes management across 30 contributing sites. That's 54 different ways of reporting the same information. Without our platform, timely, trusted analysis is all but impossible.
The healthcare industry doesn’t need more data. We need reliable insights from the data we already have.
Traditional thinking tells us we need different tools to gain better insights. In reality, you will never generate quality insights from unenriched data no matter how many ways you look at it.

The Verinovum platform has the ability to ingest raw data from a variety of sources and send it through a customizable identity management and data mapping process, while maintaining the flexibility to adapt to future use cases. This unique enrichment process empowers you with the data you need to make better and more informed decisions.

The result: A standardized, normalized and, most importantly, usable repository.
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Why Verinovum?
Based on real-world health data challenges, our platform enables you to generate a comprehensive, standardized data set to drive reliable insights and positive outcomes today and in the future.
Shrink time-to-value with a data onboarding process focusing on providing relevant, standardized data from the start.
more flexibility
The platform is customizable, and raw data is stored in perpetuity giving you the ability to easily reprocess data as future needs arise.
easier to use
The Verinovum platform has a short learning curve and does not require data scientists or consulting firms to operate, which reduces the operational cost of insights.
data platform for success
Technology to Help You Coordinate, Monitor and Act on Massive Amounts of Data
The Verinovum platforms provides the tools you need to coordinate complex data sets while decreasing waste, increasing quality and maximizing profitability in the healthcare industry.
Message & Results Delivery
Manage data flow across disparate systems.
Notification services
Configurable framework for smart alerts.
Longitudinal provider portal
Cross-community insights for case managers at point of care.
centralized clinical quality measurement
Belly-button centric gaps in care reporting and alerting.