Clean and actionable data to help improve healthcare quality and value.

of healthcare data was usable before curation and enrichment versus 89% after
of lab data was usable before curation and enrichment versus 98% after
of patient visit data was usable before curation and enrichment versus 99% after

Verinovum empowers

We curate and enrich clinical data for payers, providers, and partners/OEMs to provide transparent, reliable, enriched data targeted to your organization’s unique needs. Our Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) platform focuses on your most valuable use cases of today, with a flexible, repeatable approach for tomorrow’s.

Clean data impacts applications, analytics, and outcomes

Verinovum Model
Verinovum Model

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A data-first strategy

Raw data

Data is the lifeblood of your organization. We take all clinical data types, then parse and align them to specific use cases.

  • HL7 2.x (ADT, ORU, VXU, MDM, etc.)

  • HL7 3.x (CCD)

  • HL7 4.x (FHIR)

Raw Data

A data-first strategy

Curated data

We get to the heart of the curation and enrichment process– in six steps, we improve quality, completeness, and usability.

  • Use case-based quality assessment

  • Master patient IDs; create comprehensive patient record

  • Mapping & code translations

  • NPPES database query to fill in National Provider Index gaps

  • Group data to patient encounter

  • Enrich data for maximum value

Curated Data

A data-first strategy

Lifted & enriched data

We dramatically improve data quality — without going back to the source — and send it to you in the format and frequency you choose, whether that’s occasional batches or as frequent as a heartbeat.

Lifted Data

A data-first strategy

Auditable data

As data comes in, the platform documents everything that happens to it, from extraction to cleaning to two-stage curation and enrichment. It provides a fully transparent, always-available pulse check on all data changes.

Auditable Data

The Solution for the Dirty Data Dilemma: Verinovum

  • Discover a unique, tailored approach to curating and enriching clinical data.

  • Access precision data, faster time-to-value, and superior flexibility.

  • Leverage use case-specific data modules to aggregate your disparate data.

  • Achieve a clean data foundation to inform your most pressing clinical and business decisions.

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