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Clean and complete clinical data is the key to predicting outcomes

Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) is focused on the use cases most important to your organization: the ones that will help you serve your patients and deliver more value and better outcomes in a managed care environment. Our platform offers a fast, secure, scalable curation and enrichment solution to the complex, convoluted, and often hidden problem of low quality, highly siloed clinical data.

Helping you streamline your workload

Reduce the burden of payer clinical data requests

Enable and improve data-driven decisions for payer-contract negotiations

Improve communication pathways with care providers.

Get more of your data, faster.

Increase flexibility to roll with business and policy changes.

Improve reimbursement from payers.

We’ve built a bridge that provides a clear pathway to reliable clinical data.

Patient Data
  • Enables data sharing between disparate systems.

  • Reduce time to get value out of new data.

  • Streamlines integration of all clinical information.


We don’t try to boil the whole ocean of data. Instead, we focus on the most prolific and devastating diseases and conditions. With fully curated data sets for use cases like diabetes, you can extend the reach and impact of your disease management programming, have better data to inform patient outcomes, and improve critical quality measures like HEDIS.

Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) data modules

Chronic Care


Nearly 1 in 3 adult Americans have high cholesterol, putting them at at risk for heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the U.S.  In 2010 the CDC estimated the economic costs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke to be $444.2 billion, including $272.5 billion in direct medical costs. Complete, curated, and enriched clinical data can help you better protect your patients and ensure they are getting the right treatment at the right time.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • NQF – 0611

Blood Pressure

About one in three U.S. adults, or about 75 million people, have high blood pressure. A person with hypertension is four times more likely to die from a stroke and three times more likely to die of heart disease. Those with uncontrolled high blood pressure tend to have almost $2,000 in added annual medical costs than those patients whose blood pressure is under control. With a complete data set on your patients’ blood pressure status, you’re better able to intervene early, and help your patients identify lifestyle changes and appropriate treatments, while gaining the ability to better impact your HEDIS measures.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-28
  • CMS – 22, 165
  • MIPS – 236, 317
  • NQF – 0018


People with congestive heart failure (CHF) tend to see poor health-related quality of life as their disease progresses, and, with a tendency to have multiple co-morbidities, are at increased risk of repeat hospitalizations. That has a big impact on their quality of life and your HEDIS scores. With Verinovum, you can better identify members with gaps in care or who are at risk of re-hospitalization, and intervene in a timely manner.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO – 38
  • CMS – 90, 135, 144
  • MIPS – 5, 8


COPD is the third most common cause of death. COPD patient population costs increase with the severity of the disease, and can lead to multiple hospitalizations. Keeping COPD patients’ condition from snowballing can help outcomes and prevent decline in their quality of life. Clean, reliable, and up-to-date information will help support your decisions on the appropriate treatment and care pathways, while keeping you informed on disease progress, medication adherence, and any care gaps that emerge.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • MIPS – 52
  • NQF – 0091, 0102


Asthma tends to exist as a lifelong condition with varying degrees of severity throughout the patient’s life. Often, reliance on rescue medications and ER visits resulting from failure to adhere to medication and treatment regimens means inefficiencies that may be avoided in managed care. Having at-the-ready, complete, and reliable data can help you identify patterns and issues among the population you serve, helping you improve adherence and patient health at the individual level.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • MIPS – 398, 444

Weight Management

The trend of overweight and obesity is not letting up in the U.S., and is a risk factor in a variety of diseases, including COVID-19. Patients with overweight and obesity tend to have higher utilization as well. Wellness programs, early detection for managed care, and disease reduction efforts are better supported with Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) platform, so you can help your patients by intervening early and keep track of how they are doing with the most updated and reliable clinical data.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-16
  • CMS – 69, 155
  • MIPS – 128
  • NQF – 0024, 0421e


People with cancer deserve the best care you can give. And those who are not yet diagnosed sometimes have worse outcomes when early detection and screening efforts fall through the cracks because of incomplete and missing data. You can better care for your patients when you have the right tools to ensure you’ve got the best information at the point of care and whenever you need it. With Verinovum, you can get up-to-the minute information to help inform better outcomes.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • CMS – 129, 157
  • MIPS – 102, 143, 144
  • NQF – 0383, 0384e, 0389e


Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. and affects about 10.5% of American adults. It’s increasingly expensive to treat for most patients, as the proportion of out-of-pocket spending continues to trend against them, and the disease can quickly spiral out of control when not managed carefully. Your patients are already grappling with a serious disease that requires a lot of self-management; they need your support to be successful. When you have the most up-to-date and reliable information at the ready, you can better track adherence, disease progression, complications, and efficacy of treatments and medications, while also helping your managed care organization in its early detection efforts.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-27, ACO-36, ACO-41
  • CMS – 122, 131, 134, 142
  • MIPS – 1, 19, 117,118, 119, 126,127
  • NQF – 0055, 0056, 0059, 0062, 0066, 0089e, 0416, 0417, 2887

Mental Health

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are on the rise in the United States. At some point in their lifetime, nearly half of Americans will experience some form of mental health issue. ER visits with mental health problems as the primary complaint reached 4.8 million in 2017 alone. Those diagnosed with mental health conditions may require more care, medication, and healthcare touchpoints that those without. For those undiagnosed, you need the most reliable data you can get to be vigilant. Verinovum can help with the right data at the right time.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-18, ACO-40
  • CMS – 2, 159
  • MIPS – 134, 370
  • NQF – 0110, 0418e, 0710e, 0711, 0712e

Preventative Care


Perhaps no preventive action is simpler than staying up-to-date on routine immunizations, for adults and children. People who do not get vaccinations, whether by personal choice or, more often, a missed or unrecorded immunization, can wind up facing dire health consequences that could affect others as well. With the right data, you can stay abreast of how the population you serve is faring, and know when to intervene. And with reliable data, you get a clear picture of compliance, a metric that can affect not only your organization’s financial health, but importantly, public health.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-14
  • CMS – 117, 147
  • MIPS – 110, 394
  • NQF – 0038, 0041e, 1407


Expectant moms who don’t have pre-natal care are at risk of more complications. Meanwhile, children are at greater risk of low birthweight and other problems that could be lifelong. Knowing who is getting prenatal care and how early in the pregnancy it began is key to improving outcomes for mother and baby. With Verinovum’s platform, you’ll have complete, reliable data you can count on to track medication compliance and ensure that other critical milestones are happening every step of the way.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • NQF – 1391, 1517

Medication Management

About 66% of the U.S. adult population take some sort of prescription medication. It’s an area fraught with potential challenges: Medication adherence, drug interactions, proper dosing, drug-seeking behavior associated with the opioid epidemic. Getting your data in control can provide an antidote to those issues by giving you clean, reliable data when you need it most.

Quality Measures Verinovum data impacts:

  • ACO-12, ACO-30, ACO-42
  • CMS – 68, 128, 136, 156, 347
  • MIPS – 130, 238, 383, 410, 438, 444
  • NQF – 0022, 0068, 0097, 0105, 0108, 0419e, 0553, 1879

Special Needs Plans

Medicare Advantage created plans specifically for those with special needs aimed at reducing lost revenue and added expenses for those patient populations, and better helping them through what they need. Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) offering maximizes the value of clinical data assets to support the business and drive associated value.

Treatment Medication Analysis

Treatment/Medication Analysis tends to be lacking in practices and other healthcare organizations because of  competing priorities, limited resources, and too often – poor quality or incomplete data. That can be a problem for your patients and your organization, by resulting in errors, prescriptions that shouldn’t be issued, overprescribing and “doctor shopping,” duplicated tests, and treatment that may not get reimbursed. Getting your data in control can help remedy these negative trends. Verinovum’s Data Curation as a Service (DCaaS) offering maximizes the value of clinical data assets.

The impact of curated and enriched data

When we improve the quality of your usable data, you discover new opportunities. Verinovum’s curation and enrichment process improved one client’s usable clinical data from 14% before curation to 89% usable afterwards.

Usable Data


Usable Data
(Curated & Enriched)


Overall Lab Results:


63% more labs formed and coded

Cardiology Lab Results:


70% more cardiology labs codes


63% more cardiology results codes



56% more mammogram codes uncovered

Source: Independently verified Verinovum study in July 2018 on behalf of a major plan which included a sample of 55 clinical locations.

“Successful deployment of a comprehensive health data curation and enrichment hub, like Verinovum, is a foundational component of the real-time health system, conducting digital healthcare, and the ability to execute population health and community care management.”

Gartner Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, August 2020

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