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We are passionate about solving the silent epidemic of dirty healthcare data to unleash the full potential of measurement, clinical improvement, and innovation. We believe in empowering and enabling our clients to deliver better patient outcomes and avoid unnecessary cost.

Clean Curated Data
Curated Enriched Data
  1. Empower early detection for managed care
  2. Eliminate chart chasing
  3. Offer patient trends insights
  4. Improve quality scoring/advanced payment model calculations
  5. Prioritize member outreach
  6. Inform risk triangulation
  7. Inform plan design
  8. Increase dual-eligible enrollment
  9. Improve patient adherence

We employ a unique and tailored approach to receiving, curating, and enriching data. It enables us to deliver precision data, faster time-to-value, and better flexibility compared to clinical data integration solution providers.

Data Curation as a Service
Data Curation as a Service

Data curation allows you to fill in the gaps in your data

Our proprietary platform leverages use case-specific data modules to aggregate, curate, and enrich disparate clinical data from healthcare organizations. The resultant clean data foundation will inform both clinical- and business-critical decisions.

In the example below, our primary objective is to assist our customers in meeting and exceeding their use case goals. This customer was looking to us for guidance on their Breast Cancer Screening quality measure.

Screening Table 1
Screening Table 1

Let’s look at the data

We identified gaps in the data quality of 40 different clinical locations and their independent EMRs. As expected for a breast cancer screening, the data for female was complete and correct.

Screening Table 2
Screening Table 2

Discrepancies identified

Unfortunately, mammogram coverage was not so lucky. In this case only a few of the locations had the appropriately coded data to meet the Breast Cancer quality measure yielding a 6% data quality rate.

Screening Table 3
Screening Table 3

Healing the data

Knowing that each measure is tied to a series of value sets and underlying codes, we are able to give a clear picture into the gaps that exist. Our curation and enrichment methodology drastically improves the data quality.

Screening Table 4
Screening Table 4

We were able to improve the quality of the data more than tenfold with our curation and enrichment process, making it truly usable, reliable and valuable.

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