At the end of September, Verinovum traveled to Washington, DC, to attend the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS) Fall 2019 Conference, an event that NAACOS promised would “provide the road map for ACOs navigating this high-speed, healthcare freeway into the future.”

As the conference website noted, “ACOs are positioned at the intersection of value-based payments, population health, care coordination, innovation, transformation, and collaborations among Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers.” Verinovum understands these issues, as well as the necessity for clean, enriched data to help hospitals and ACOs meet these challenges head-on, so we headed to the event to hear what was on the collective minds of the industry leaders.

The common thread throughout all the topics discussed was the desire to close the loop on coordinated care and to find true value (a balance between cost and quality), all with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

1. Social Determinants of Health

Because factors such as a patient’s social, emotional, environmental and financial situation can have a major impact on chronic disease, emergency department visits, and hospital readmissions, learning how to care for patients and overcome any social determinants of health (SDOH) barriers has recently become of great interest to healthcare stakeholders, and was one of the hot topics at the NAACOS conference.

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